Fight Back Against Discrimination & Harassment

An appeal from our Nottingham Fellow Workers…

East Midlands & Eastern IWW

The IWW have been supporting some of our members in a large Nottinghamshire employer for some time, where the attitude and behaviour of the employer stink and there has been ongoing unreasonable treatment of one female, pregnant worker of Polish birth in particular.  Whilst not going public on the name of the employer at this stage we are looking to rally forces in defence of our fellow workers and prepare a campaign to expose the behaviour of the high profile employer in its’ large Nottinghamshire workplace.

We are therefore appealing to those who are interested in opposing unfair treatment of women at work, who want to defend workers’ rights during pregnancy and who oppose discriminatory behaviour to get in touch with our secretary – particularly if you are East Midlands based and have links to Women’s organising.

We are looking at a potential meeting, social media campaigning and practical support…

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