Solidarity with Workers’ Initiative of Poland Under Attack

Important appeal on behalf of fellow workers in Poland.

East Midlands & Eastern IWW

Workers’ Initiative / Inicjatywa Pracownicza, which was formed in Poland in 2001 – first as an informal group of worker activists willing to unite and fight at their own workplaces and to support other workers’ struggle. In September 2004, IP was established as a formal but independent and grass-roots trade union, seeing itself in the anarcho-syndicalist and revolutionary syndicalism tradition.

On 27 May, workers at the Aelia Poland duty free shops at the Warsaw F. Chopin airport founded the Workers’ Initiative (Inicjatywa Pracownicza) union at their workplace. On 7 June, Anna Kucharzyk who was chosen by its members to represent the union was dismissed without notice. Her contract was terminated in a so called “disciplinary procedure” which is applicable only in cases of “heavy violation of duties”. She was dismissed although the union didn’t agree, which violates the Polish law on trade unions. Other workers were also encouraged to dissolve…

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