Fredericton Solidarity Network gains victory for worker

Congratulations to fellow workers in Fredericton, Canada!


Fredericton Solidarity network after delivering letter to Vault 29 The Fredericton Solidarity Network crew who accompanied Leo to demand his wages

The Fredericton Solidarity Network has arrived. This new initiative in Fredericton took action to demand unpaid wages of a local food service worker and the efforts were successful.

Leo worked as a line cook at Vault 29, a new Fredericton pub, during the first week of June 2014. He hadn’t been paid for a total of 52 days, 31 days past the legal limit for New Brunswick, despite numerous requests for the money owed. The manager that was supposed to take care of paying the kitchen staff continued to delay payment to Leo, without ever denying that money was owed.

On July 29, the Fredericton Solidarity Network brought together a group of people from the community to accompany Leo to his former workplace as he delivered a letter demanding his unpaid wages in order to avoid further action…

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