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Announcing the Anti-Patriarchy Committee of the Chicago GMB

Interesting stuff from Chicago FWs. Looking forward to reading more about how they get on.


The Chicago Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) General Membership Branch (GMB) is pleased to announce the formation of an Anti-Patriarchy Committee (APC), which has been created in order to build internal and external education around issues of gender and sexual oppression, violence, and discrimination.

The Chicago IWW GMB APC affirms the IWW’s stance against sexism, transphobia, sexual violence, and bigotry. Building a union comprised of all workers necessitates the recognition that capitalism is not the only force that harms the working class and that, as an injury to one is an injury to all, we must fight oppression in all its various and intersecting forms.

We look forward to hosting our first workshop in the coming weeks to better strengthen our branch’s commitment to gender and sexual equality.

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IWW Freshii Phone Zap – Demand Marcos is Rehired after Illegal Firing and Demand Recognition of IWW Frehii Workers Union!

An urgent appeal from fellow workers in Chicago! PLEASE SHOW YOUR SOLIDARITY!




IWW Freshii Phone Zap – Demand Marcos is Rehired after Illegal Firing and
Demand Recognition of IWW Frehii Workers Union!

Facebook event:
(invite all your friends!)
IWW Freshii Workers Page:

For those of you that don’t know, one of our team members was fired this
afternoon for participating in concerted activity. His first day was last
Thursday, Friday morning he participated in the march on the boss to
demand his fellow co-workers unpaid wages and union recognition and this
afternoon he was told he was fired due to “lack of business.” He is really
upset and actually liked working at the restaurant with us.

As a team we have voted to have a phone zap from 10 am to 6 pm tomorrow,
August 5th, in order to get our co-worker, Marcos Patino, his job back.

Sample text would be:

You have…

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Chicago Freshii workers demand unpaid wages and IWW recognition


On Friday August 1st, a group of workers employed at a franchised Freshii
restaurant located at 200 w Randolph in the Chicago loop marched on their
boss to demand unpaid wages, an end to wage theft practices, and union
recognition with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

The workers walked up to the store owner as he entered the location at
11:00 am to read and deliver their demand letter while wearing IWW pins.

Wage theft has been a consistent problem at this Freshii location, with
some workers owed more than $700 in unpaid wages. Many workers are also
owed unpaid overtime wages.

The demand letter asked for these unpaid wages to be delivered to the
workers in full by Friday August 8th. They have also demanded that their
boss officially recognize the Chicago Branch of the IWW as their official
representative so that they can begin collective bargaining…

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