Chicago Freshii workers demand unpaid wages and IWW recognition


On Friday August 1st, a group of workers employed at a franchised Freshii
restaurant located at 200 w Randolph in the Chicago loop marched on their
boss to demand unpaid wages, an end to wage theft practices, and union
recognition with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

The workers walked up to the store owner as he entered the location at
11:00 am to read and deliver their demand letter while wearing IWW pins.

Wage theft has been a consistent problem at this Freshii location, with
some workers owed more than $700 in unpaid wages. Many workers are also
owed unpaid overtime wages.

The demand letter asked for these unpaid wages to be delivered to the
workers in full by Friday August 8th. They have also demanded that their
boss officially recognize the Chicago Branch of the IWW as their official
representative so that they can begin collective bargaining…

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