Announcing the Anti-Patriarchy Committee of the Chicago GMB

Interesting stuff from Chicago FWs. Looking forward to reading more about how they get on.


The Chicago Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) General Membership Branch (GMB) is pleased to announce the formation of an Anti-Patriarchy Committee (APC), which has been created in order to build internal and external education around issues of gender and sexual oppression, violence, and discrimination.

The Chicago IWW GMB APC affirms the IWW’s stance against sexism, transphobia, sexual violence, and bigotry. Building a union comprised of all workers necessitates the recognition that capitalism is not the only force that harms the working class and that, as an injury to one is an injury to all, we must fight oppression in all its various and intersecting forms.

We look forward to hosting our first workshop in the coming weeks to better strengthen our branch’s commitment to gender and sexual equality.

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